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API arrives to CMO.grexel!

September, 2015
Grexel® is pleased to announce that it has developed an API functionality to CMO.grexel. 
API (Application Programming Interface) is an HTTP service that allows users to feed information into and retrieve information from the registry without using the system's web interface. This gives the user more power: you can now connect or integrate multiple functionalities together to create a more customized and powerful solution.

Say hello to GECCO™

September, 2015
Grexel’s Environmental Commodity Clearing Office, GECCO™, is now open and running in CMO.grexel.
GECCO is a banking service that streamlines the management of environmental assets. It enables account holders to keep and transact several kind of commodities, certificates, credits and allowances in a single system that is secure, easy to use, and affordable.
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How to secure your CMO.grexel account 

September, 2015
The security of our registries is a top priority to us. With global cybercrime incidents on the rise, it is extremely important that our registry users are well informed and take all the necessary steps to keep their accounts safe. 
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Viewing Meter Readings in CMO.grexel gets easier

September, 2015
Grexel listened to customers’ requests and improved the Meter Reading report in CMO.grexel. Up to now, users could only see meter readings of one Production Device (PD) at a time. This meant that a lot of time was spend to gather information on PD’s meter readings. With the new View Meter Readings report, users can search for meter readings that belong to different PDs and that correspond to different search criteria specified by the user. The meter readings of one or more PDs are summarized in a nice looking report that can be easily exported to excel and PDF. The View Meter Reading Report can be found under Plants menu. Don’t forget to take a look at the user role table in the user manual to make sure that your user role has access to this new functionality.

Call for Economic Sustainability – European Renewable Energy Support Schemes and the Market

September, 2015
Europe, along with the rest of the world, is struggling towards a low-carbon society, where competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability are key priorities to provide a stable environment for decades to come. In the arena of renewable energy, Europe will soon reach its 2020 targets. Such achievement has mainly been due to national support mechanisms helping emerging clean technologies compete with conventional production units. 

Despite of its great accomplishments, the support schemes, lacking a common framework, have formed a very heterogeneous set of energy policies that are tightly constrained by national borders. (...) This article highlights changes in the energy field seen in the last years and suggests that a revision of the current state of support mechanisms for renewable energy should be put in motion.
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Guarantees of Origin market and its expanding frontiers

September, 2015
More Issuing Bodies are expected to join the GO market in the near future: Swedish Energy Agency, the Spanish electricity regulator and the Greek TSO. Other possible newcomers are EMS from Serbia and Ofgem from the UK.
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Residual Mix Calculation at the Heart of Reliable Electricity Disclosure in Europe - A Case Study on the Effect of the RE-DISS Project

May, 2015 
Grexel’s CEO, Marko Lehtovaara, and Grexel's Director, Markus Klimscheffskij, together with other authors, co-wrote an article discussing the effect of proper residual mix calculation for the reliability of electricity disclosure information in Europe.
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