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UK's Registry for Biomethane

January, 2014
Grexel agreed to power the central registry system for the new Biomethane Certification Scheme (BMCS) in the UK. BMCS enables the biomethane producers to certify their production and to sell the “green” value of the gas. BMCS is an independent certification scheme run by Green Gas Trading Limited.
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GO Market - Country Updates

January, 2014
Czech Republic is the newest member of AIB. The local registry, EZP system, operated by OTE (electricity and gas market operator in the country) went live on October 2013. At this first stage, only imports of Guarantees of Origin to the Czech domain are allowed.
New registry in Italy, GSE,is now connected to the AIB HUB.
From 1st of January 2014 on, Öko-institut is no longer the Issuing Body in Germany. The government agency UBA, under the ministry of environment, now takes this challenge. This means also that German EECS account are no longer hosted in CMO.grexel.

The Birth of the Emperor: Hail Cesar!

June, 2013
Grexel is proud to announce that the new Swedish registry, Cesar, was launched on the 29th of April. The new system includes management of both Support Certificates (Elcertificates) and Guarantees of Origin in Sweden, that before were handled by two different systems. The older one of which just turned 10 years old.
Having one single register to deal with both certificates types not only facilitates the activities of users but also the management of the system, enabling Grexel to provide even better services to our Swedish customers. Cesar was specially customized according to the customer requirements of the Swedish issuing body, Svenska Kraftnät.
The development of the system was “… a hard but rewarding experience”, says Juri Kirillov, the project manager. He says that there’s still hard work ahead of the Cesar-team as the next release with new features is scheduled to be launched before the end of the year. Besides having already existing features such as handling of Norwegian and Swedish elcertificates and enabling export of EECS eligible Swedish GOs to other domains (now, also for combustion devices– more on it on the next news), the new registry will also introduce some new functionalities such as Invoicing, Quota Obligation management and Revenues Report.

Swedish EECS-GOs for Combustible Devices

June, 2013
The new Swedish registry, Cesar, also introduces EECS-GOs issuing for combustible devices using any energy source. Before the new registry, these devices were entitled only for national GOs and were tradable only in Sweden.
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How to Perform Electricity Disclosure by the book - step by step

June, 2013
At the beginning of each year electricity suppliers are faced with a common set of problems…How do I close my electricity product portfolio for last year properly? What do I disclose to those consumers not purchasing a specific electricity product? What is the total energy mix of my electricity sales? If these sound like questions you are struggling with, you might want to read this article carefully!

New Domain Protocols

January, 2013
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RE-DISS is Dead. Long Live RE-DISS II

January, 2013
The Reliable Electricity Disclosure Systems for Europe project, RE-DISS, has been concluded after good 30 months of hard work to establish harmonized guidelines for electricity disclosure in Europe. During the lifetime of the project, implicit double counting of renewable energy attributes decreased by estimated 70 TWh (from initial 100 TWh). The result can be explained by increased implementation of the common European residual mix calculation and by numerous European countries making the decision to set GOs as the only allowed tracking instrument.
Grexel was one of the partners in RE-DISS with the main task of further developing the residual mix calculation method, calculating residual mixes for 2010 and 2011 and offering bilateral support for competent authorities in residual mix calculation. Grexel also had a significant role in the development of RE-DISS Best Practice Recommendations and in quantifying the impact assessment of RE-DISS. And now Grexel takes the main role in writing a scientific article about the impact of RE-DISS in helping countries to improve implicit disclosure (i.e. residual mix) practices.
RE-DISS has applied for a continuation project: RE-DISS II, which has been approved for the negotiation phase by the Intelligent Energy Europe Program and will most likely start between March and April of 2013.

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