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Major improvement in CMO.grexel Transaction Speed

August, 2017
CMO.grexel can now process transactions three times faster than before. In registries, certificates are stored in bundles consisting of a set of certificates with equivalent properties such as production time, country of origin and details of originating production device. One transaction can contain several certificate bundles. For example, a month of production of a hydro device can be in one certificate bundle of 50 000 certificates. Committing a transaction with a certificate bundle is a rather complex operation itself. A certificate registry needs to perform many validations and checks before it knows whether such transaction is allowed and what are the consequences.
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Finnish Biomethane Certification Scheme is Now Powered by Grexel

August, 2017
Gasum Oy, the state-owned transmission system operator (TSO) for natural gas in Finland has moved their biomethane certification scheme to CMO.grexel. Grexel’s central registries are now used in 3 countries for biomethane certification, which makes Grexel the market leader in biomethane certification in terms of countries covered. Grexel is already the market leader in the electricity certification field with a coverage of 10 countries.
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European Residual Mixes 2016 now published

May, 2017
The AIB has published last year's Residual Mixes and European Attribute Mix.

As in the past years, Grexel Systems was responsible for carrying out the calculcations. All key figures indicate the strengthening of explicit tracking for renewables (GOs).

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Grexel's greenhouse gas emissions 2016 published

March, 2017
For the fifth consecutive year, we report the emissions and compensate them by using emission reduction units. See our GHG Emission Inventory for 2016 for details and calculations. Even though the overall GHG emissions caused by Grexel's business increased by 3,82%, the emissions per transacted certificate and per turnover dropped slightly.
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CMO.grexel selected as the Danish Biogas Registry

June, 2016, the certificate scheme operator, has decided to adopt Grexel's solution for certificate management.
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Grexel will supply Serbian GO registry

March, 2016
We are pleased to announce that the Transmission System and Market Operator of Serbia, Elektromreža Srbije (EMS), has selected us as their registry provider for Guarantees of Origin. The registry will be implemented during the first half of this year and will be made EECS compatible.
Stay tuned for more news on #SerbiaGO!

Ex-domain cancellations reports available quarterly in CMO.grexel

February, 2016
Following a decision by the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), Members are required to publish quarterly information of ex-domain cancellations.
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ISO/IEC 27001

January, 2016
Grexel is now certified with ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard! It was a lot of hard work but worth it!
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Czech and Portuguese registries were disconnected from the AIB HUB

January, 2016
OTE (the Issuing Body from Czech Republic) has been disconnected from the HUB following a decision by the AIB General Meeting on 4th of December 2015. The Czech registry remains a member of the AIB, but is no longer allowed to transact EECS-GOs.
The Issuing Body from Portugal, REN, has also lost its connection to the HUB. REN is no longer the Portuguese competent body for guarantees of origin: this role has been inherited by the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology and the AIB Secretariat has already made contact with DGEG to discuss membership.
The year started with two dropouts, but 2016 seems to be a promising year for the HUB. According to the AIB, Energimyndigheten of Sweden, CNMC of Spain, LAGIE of Greece, Ofgem of UK and EMS of Serbia might become AIB members this year. Also, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources from Turkey became a new active observer in September 2015.
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Grexel is responsible for calculating the European Residual Mixes for AIB

October, 2015
Grexel is responsible for calculating the European Attribute Mix and Residual Mixes for Europe on behalf of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB). These mixes are used by Energy Authorities and Grid Operators of several countries to ensure reliable electricity disclosure.
Why is a reliable Residual Mix calculation so crucial?
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