CMO.grexel selected as the Danish Biogas Registry, the certificate scheme operator, has decided to adopt Grexel's solution for certificate management.

European Residual Mix Calculation

Grexel is responsible for calculating the European Residual Mixes and the European Attribute Mix on behalf of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB).  

Why is this so crucial for reliable Electricity Disclosure and Guarantees of Origin?

GECCO™ - Your Platform for Efficient Carbon Credit Management

Deposit and manage credits from EU ETS

Case: Ireland - In Need of an Efficient Online Registry for GOs

Ireland is a good example of how CMO.grexel online registry helps issuing bodies and local energy authorities to manage their energy certificates with efficiency, transparency and, let’s not forget, low cost.

Grexel discloses and compensates its Carbon Footprint

Being an environmentally aware company, Grexel® has decided to disclose and compensate its own carbon footprint.

Norwegian Central Registry, NECS

The Grexel-built Norwegian Energy Certificate System, NECS, is the first certificate registry supporting internationally connected disclosure and support certificate schemes.

Energy Certification in Egypt - Thriving in Turmoil

To support the rising trend of renewable energy projects in Egypt, the consumer protection regulatory agency, ERA, seeked Grexel's assistance in designing a guarantee of origin system compatible with the European markets.



Our Services

Regulatory and Market Engineering Services
How can we optimize the effectiveness of support schemes and empower consumers to be the driving factor behind green economy?
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Central Registry Systems Services
Need a central registry system to set up a trading scheme for environmental commodities or rights, such as Guarantees of Origin? See what the market leader has to offer.
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Our Clients

We host a central registry (CMO.grexel) for Guarantees of Origin for Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Serbia and Sweden.

We power a central registry for support certificates for Norway (NECS) and Sweden (Cesar).
It is the world’s first certificate-based joint support scheme between two countries!

We also provide a central registry (GGT) for the Biomethane Certification Scheme in the UK

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Major improvement in CMO.grexel Transaction Speed
CMO.grexel can now process transactions three times faster than before. In registries, certificates are stored in bundles consisting of a set of certificates with equivalent properties such as production time, country of origin and details of originating production device. One transaction can contain several certificate bundles. For example, a month of production of a hydro device can be in one certificate bundle of 50 000 certificates. Committing a transaction with a certificate bundle is a rather complex operation itself. A certificate registry needs to perform many validations and checks before it knows whether such transaction is allowed and what are the consequences.
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Finnish Biomethane Certification Scheme is Now Powered by Grexel
Gasum Oy, the state-owned transmission system operator (TSO) for natural gas in Finland has moved their biomethane certification scheme to CMO.grexel. Grexel’s central registries are now used in 3 countries for biomethane certification, which makes Grexel the market leader in biomethane certification in terms of countries covered. Grexel is already the market leader in the electricity certification field with a coverage of 10 countries.
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European Residual Mixes 2016 now published
The AIB has published last year's Residual Mixes and European Attribute Mix. As in the past years, Grexel Systems was responsible for carrying out the calculcations. All key figures indicate the strengthening of explicit tracking for renewables (GOs).
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Grexel's greenhouse gas emissions 2016 published
For the fifth consecutive year, we report the emissions and compensate them by using emission reduction units.
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CMO.grexel selected as the Danish Biogas Registry, the certificate scheme operator, has decided to adopt Grexel's solution for certificate management.
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Scientific Contributions

Grexel is active in the energy certification field. We are involved in its development, also from a non-business perspective.
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Market Data

  2017 2016
Norway 87 208 783 138 459 470
Croatia 978 392 603 336
Denmark 13 532 578 16 037 121
Finland - Grexel
Germany - Öko
Iceland 11 382 947 9 196 668
Ireland 1 204 618 2 176 944
Luxembourg 63 005 147 728
Sweden 10 461 050 31 384 598

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