Energy Certification

How can we use energy certification to create an efficient market for the origin of electricity? How can we enable the fruitful co-evolvement of voluntary and compliance markets of environmental commodities? How can we optimize the effectiveness of support schemes and empower consumers to be the driving factor behind green economy?

Governments can save billions by getting these right! Grexel has pronounced market knowledge in energy certification and it offers hands-on assistance with market design and regulatory development for renewable energy tracking and support schemes.

On a general level, energy certification means that attributes of certain electricity production (such as the energy's origin and CO2 emissions) can be explicitly tracked to certain electricity consumption. Energy certification opens up an entirely new market for electricity origin, which is separated from the market of physical electricity.

But how does it work? Grexel specializes in certificate registries, systems and market design regarding Guarantees of Origin, RECs, Green Quota Certificates etc... as well as electricity disclosure and residual mix calculations, and we are eager to share our knowledge with you. To get started, why not read our “Energy Certificates for Beginners” white paper. If you're past the beginner level, read what we can offer, get acquainted with our Success Stories or Contact Us.

Regulatory and Market Engineering Services

The energy certificate system allows government bodies and other organizations to track the origin and ownership of energy generation attributes. But in order for it to work, legislative, regulatory and administrative frameworks must also be in place.

Grexel’s expertise in the energy market makes it possible to design the proper legislation and regulations to serve as a foundation for an energy certificate market in your country, making sure that every local particularity is taken into account.

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Success Stories

Thriving in Turmoil – Grexel helped Egyptian authorities to create an energy certification system according to European Standards. Read more »

Removing disclosure roadblocks – Grexel was advisor to the Icelandic Ministry of Energy Trade and Tourism when implementing electricity disclosure. Read more »

Ready for EU membership – Grexel helped Croatia to implement guarantee of origin and electricity disclosure according to EU directives. Read more »

Joining the big market – Grexel provided technical assistance to Serbia to implement guarantee of origin and electricity disclosure according to EU directives. Read More »

Drafting the Foundations – Grexel was one of the project partners in the Reliable Electricity Disclosure Systems for Europe Project, RE-DISS, in charge of developing the best practices for electricity disclosure and today Grexel responsible for calculating the European Attribute Mix and Residual Mixes on behalf of the Association of Issuing Bodies, which took over this task from RE-DISS when the project ended.  Read More »


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