CMO.grexel – An off-the-Shelf Registry Service

CMO.grexel, Grexel's central registry service for Guarantees of Origin, is currently used in 8 countries. CMO.grexel is a cost-efficient registry software service, which doesn't require an investment from the customer, and with easy-to-use interface for market actors and complete support from Grexel. The CMO.grexel is, and will remain, 100 % European Energy Certificate System (EECS) compliant without causing any extra cost or effort to the customer.

CMO.grexel is based on Grexel Certification Framework (GCF) so it is tested, reliable, feature-rich and constantly updated. GCF comprises a robust core technology, the certificate bank, which facilitates transactions and double-entry bookkeeping.

Because it is a service, it can be deployed within days, explained to the IT department in minutes and budgeted in no time! Costs can be easily forwarded to market participants without any budgetary risks. No investment is required because the registry is simply taken into use, not developed, planned or budgeted.

CMO.grexel is an intuitive, web-based user interface for issuing bodies and account holders.  Features cover production plant registration and management, a certificates issuing module configurable for various stages of automation, a fine-grained role-based authorization of transactions and an open API.

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Features of CMO.grexel

CASE: Luxembourg

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