Case: Ireland - In Need of an Efficient Online Registry for GOs

Ireland is a good example of how CMO.grexel online registry helps issuing bodies and local energy authorities to manage their energy certificates with efficiency, transparency and, let’s not forget, low cost.

Grexel discloses and compensates its Carbon Footprint

Being an environmentally aware company, Grexel® has decided to disclose and compensate its own carbon footprint.

Norwegian Central Registry, NECS

The Grexel-built Norwegian Energy Certificate System, NECS, is the first certificate registry supporting internationally connected disclosure and support certificate schemes.

FIN141 – On their way to Rio

Grexel supports the FIN141 girls sailing team on their journey towards the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and expects to help the wind-powered girls to go even farther.

Energy Certification in Egypt - Thriving in Turmoil

To support the rising trend of renewable energy projects in Egypt, the consumer protection regulatory agency, ERA, seeked Grexel's assistance in designing a guarantee of origin system compatible with the European markets.



Regulatory and Market Engineering

How can we optimize the effectiveness of support schemes and empower consumers to be the driving factor behind green economy?
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Hosted central registry for Guarantees of Origin for Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg and Sweden.
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Recent activities

Grexel to Provide an EECS compatible GO registry for Ireland»
Grexel discloses and compensates its Carbon Footprint»
Grexel to Provide Central Registry for UK Biomethane Certification Scheme»


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Central Registry Systems

Need a central registry system to set up a trading scheme for environmental commodities or rights, such as Guarantees of Origin? See what the market leader has to offer.
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Grexel Support Portal

Need help with the systems or want to leave a service request?
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Scientific Contributions

Grexel is active in the energy certification field. We are involved in its development, also from a non-business perspective.
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EECS Activity in Grexel's registries in 2014

The majority of all EECS certificates issued came from Grexel's registries

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Market Data

  2015 2014
Norway 100 088 164 130 513 251
Denmark 14 197 506 16 533 662
Finland - Grexel 20 874 102
Germany - Öko
Iceland 5 039 259 10 041 952
Ireland 1 309 552
Luxembourg 109 056 47 010
Sweden 17 689 034 22 633 802

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